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Upstream Aqua as

Aiming for the position as the most circulareconomic and sustainable land based fish farm ever built

Our Solutions Take The Fish Farming to Higher Grounds

Upstream AS is planning a fish farming facility for 9-12 000 tons of rainbow trout.

The facility will be built in Ål in Hallingdal surrounded by mountains with crystal clear water and lots of sustainable energy.

The water will be reused several times; for the fish farms and to a green house planned for a 325 000 kg production of vegetables.

The sludge will be separated and turned into bio char for soil improvement

Reuse of water and utilizing the sludge 

99% recirculation, water used for green house and sludge for bio char.

Very low use of energy

Located next-door to water power plants and district Heating Network, supplemented by a unique design give a number of advantages related to energy 

Significant local synergies

The company own the land, and the lot is located in a business park with many synergies

Ideal location and infrastructure

Located beside the main Oslo - Bergen railway, and less than three hours from the Norway`s main airport and export harbours.

From the media

Upstream AS has been working with this projects since January 2022. 


Hallingdølen 6 jan 2024.png

Landbased freshwater farming


Escape to surrounding waters


Use of antibiotics




Pollution of the sea bed


KWh pr kg fish at a fish water ratio of 6,5 

Our Partners

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

The ongoing Preliminary Project is due Q1 2025

From the late fall in 2024 Upstream AS will open up for investments to finance the first step of the build-up of the facility in Hallingdal. 

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